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Go Mobile With Your Business Phone System To Boost Productivity

In this day and age, office desks, computers and even office phones are slowly becoming obsolete because of the emergence of mobile workers. Employees who work in sales and marketing are more effective when they are out in the field and interacting with the clients. It makes much more sense to move these employees closer to their target clients in order to get their job done. They should not be cocooned in the office. The challenge is to provide a system that will allow them to connect to the office and still be mobile. They need an office number that customers can call even if they are in the field. The solution is to add mobile capability to your existing phone system.

Of course, the manager needs to decide first if sending out employees is a good move from a profit standpoint. For one, overhead costs will be minimized. There is also no need for a desk, chair and other office supplies and furniture. The key here is to choose employees who don’t need to be constantly checked by their managers in order to become productive. Some managers also believe that an employee can only accomplish his task when confined in a physical office. This way of thinking should be left in the past. There are so many ideas and things to learn in the outside world.


Several articles about remote workers suggest that employees with repetitive tasks are most productive in an office setting. On the other hand, employees that are required to generate more creative output are more effective outside the office.

Another proven fact is that businesses can continue to increase productivity and even profits with fewer employees. How is this possible? Business communication technology advances make all this a reality! One employee can now do the work of two with the help of modern-day equipment, phone systems and mobile technology. This employee can even accomplish all this from his home, a coffee shop or wherever an Internet connection is available; he is no longer restricted to the traditional PBX phone system.

The solution

If you have productivity problems, the solution is to mobilize your key employees. Utilize current communication technology advances.

The modern business environment demands that you be in multiple places at the same time. Technology can help you make that happen. Mobile data services will enable employees to double their output without adding to the office expense. When employees work smarter, the company cuts costs and improves productivity.

Wireless hardware

Ask your telephone system provider if they offer smartphones for your teleworkers and field employees. Smartphones are like mini laptops. You can send and receive emails, create and edit documents, build and share databases and download apps that can further help you accomplish more in a day. Some apps even make your smartphone more powerful than a laptop.


Tablets are easier to carry than laptops. They offer most of the functionalities of laptops in a more affordable and lighter package. They provide connectivity and data access capabilities aside from basic functions such as email.

There are also many apps available for HR, accounting, client management, POS, etc. that can help small businesses. Just be sure to check out the reviews of users and the reputation of the developer of the app first before downloading or purchasing. A lot of apps have been reported to be hacked. Install security features in your tablet to protect your assets. Educate employees on how to avoid being a victim of cyber crimes.


Going wireless unchains you and your employees from your desks. With just a single router, you can be set free. You get the flexibility to work anywhere in the office or outside of it at any time. It is convenient for you, your employees and your clients.

Access your files anywhere securely

If you are using a smartphone connected to the office system, you can access your files securely. Just remember not to use free public WiFis and other unsecure connections. Even if your infrastructure is robust and secure, it is still worth being careful when accessing sensitive office files. Don’t forget to protect your devices by using anti-malware software. Passwords are also a must.

You may not even need an office anymore

If you and your team can prove that you are more productive outside the office, you can even forego your space. If you are sure that you have encrypted files and a trusted team, you can run your business from anywhere as long as you have 24/7 wireless connectivity. Online collaboration tools allow you to hold meetings, phone conferences and work on a project online wherever you (and your team are) in the world.


Ask your provider about the latest mobile technology. Check out the latest smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Install a wireless network. You can also get a mobile broadband plan so you get connectivity even while on the road. If your existing system does not support being mobile, it might be time for an upgrade, its worth checking out the cost of a new telephone system. Weigh the pros and cons of going mobile. Consider how it will impact your employees and your office. Figure out how much it will cost you to go mobile. Will it require you to make a significant investment now but save money in the long run? Will it be something that you can use for many years? Will you get a good return on your investment?

Check the latest advances and benefits of mobile communication regularly. You just might find some good news from time to time that your company can benefit from.