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Economic Recovery Still in Progress

There has not been much good economic news for businesses since the Collateralised Debt Obligation (CDO) crisis brought such problems. It had not been anticipated and Wall Street’s financial expertise was brought into question. For a few years businesses found that the market had diminished and several were forced to look closely at costs as well as revise previous forecasts on turnover. There has been recovery recently but there is still some work to do.

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The car industry has had its problems in recent years. The recession meant that spending on luxury goods diminished, in some situations quite markedly. People had to look very closely at their spending and one of the easy decisions was obviously to delay changing a car. In response, motor manufacturers had to double their efforts to sell their range or face closing down their production lines. Colour brochures are one of the major marketing tools that their dealerships offer to potential customers who walk into showrooms.


The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders announced last October that the previous month had been their best for 10 years and there had been increases each month for 31 months. New car sales in the first nine months of 2014 were 9% up on the equivalent period in 2013.

Quality and Marketing

Those looking to buy a new car are looking for quality. It means that manufacturers and dealerships have to ensure their marketing is aimed at convincing potential buyers that they are buying into that quality; including all promotional material used, so it normally requires finding a professional company to do high-quality brochure printing. A good quality brochure is the tangible marketing publication that those considering a purchase can take away with them and read in their own time.

Something Tangible

Similarly, brochures are the best way to provide details of new products that companies are introducing to the market place. Whether a company is inviting guests to the launch of a new product or hiring space at an exhibition stand it is important that people can take something tangible away with them. A brochure won’t contain anything that will not be included on a company’s website but there are still many people who like to read through the pages of something they are holding in their hands. It is particularly important at an exhibition when people may visit a number of stands and walk away with a bag full of marketing material from a series of companies.

Good printing services will assist with artwork if necessary and provide a sample for checking before proceeding to the print run. It is essential that the promotional literature produced to support quality products conveys that same quality. Companies seeking quotes for promotional literature such as brochures and leaflets should talk to companies that have established a reputation for service and for meeting the deadlines.


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