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Don’t Be Lost In The Print vs. Digital War – Conquer Digital Media With Ease

In a survey conducted by, it was found that people are not able to tell it with clarity if print gives a better ROI or digital. This is mainly because digital ROI is trackable, while print marketing ROI isn’t. This post today, would mop off all these doubts and bring you clarity if that’s what you are looking for as a real estate marketer.

Look at the image below where the ROI from both the sources are being tabulated and compared:


Clearly, even with the same budgets digital is far ahead of the print – keeping all parameters and conditions same and with the same ad spending, digital advertising gets you 10 conversions while print fetches only 3.25.

Now let’s look at Google’s data on mobile search queries for real estate – almost 87% of people search on Google before buying a property about listings, locality, prices, insurance and more. Out of these 40% queries are made through mobile only, an increase from 23% in 2010. Undoubtedly, people are becoming more tech-savvy and moving towards mobiles.

While desktop still holds its position as the main channel of surfing for properties and learning in detail about any property, mobile is soon catching up with apps that have interactive brochures, social media sharing options, GPS navigation and videos of those properties. One such real estate app is RealtyKonnect by Bluelupin.

This isn’t hidden how mobiles have become an extension of our personalities. We carry it even in the bathrooms. They are not just cell phones anymore, they are mini-computers.
After Google released its research findings about real estate on how people are now searching for properties for sale and purchase, realtors noticed and started moving towards online channels. If trend predictions by BIA/Kelsey are to be believed, then we can expect almost 40% of marketing dollars being invested into online advertising for real estate.
Advertising budgets in 2005 – 11%

Advertising budgets in 2010 – 64% (Today, these numbers are even higher)

This is clear indication that today, real estate professionals are well aware of the fact that their customers are connected and well-informed. Maximum of them use internet as their kickstart for primary research.

Recognizing this shift, real estate developers and agents are now investing in SEO to have the top position with guaranteed visibility that increases their leads and chances of conversion.
Today, SEO and content marketing may be things that separate them from the herd, but tomorrow that distinguishing element would be to own a dedicated mobile app.
As mentioned above, it must include features like virtual tours, GPS navigation and social media integration to make optimum use of the freedom provided by the smartphones.
Don’t go where the herd is going. Think ahead, plan ahead and invest in a mobile app that can showcase your projects in style. Have a look at this infographic and you shall know what we are talking about:

Digital beats print in real estate
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