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DK Fulfilment: Your Better E-Commerce Business Partner

If you’ve been thinking of expanding your e-commerce business to Europe or the U.K. and aren’t sure how to start, look no further than DK Fulfilment for all of your e-commerce needs.

For many just starting out in the e-commerce business, the particular nuances of how order fulfilment works escapes them. After all, their business is e-commerce, not order fulfilment and shipping. That’s why so many make the mistake of thinking that all fulfilment companies are the same, and end up doing business with a sour lemon.

At first glance, DK Fulfilment may look like many other e-commerce Fulfilment businesses. However, I dare you to take a closer look, because DK Fulfilment offers something competitors don’t, customized service.

By putting the needs of client first, this incredible business has excelled where others have floundered. Recent research suggests that there are varying factors when businesses choose a fulfilment partner:


Businesses need a central location that’s at the heart of their enterprise. That’s why DK fulfilment offers state of the art warehouse facilities in both Europe and the U.K.

Courteous Staff

Having a staff that cares about your e-fulfilment business is important. DK fulfilment knows this, that’s why they hand select staff for their customer service department. There they can process payments, act as a call center, and take care of any need that arises.

 Years of Experience

 Experienced fulfilment businesses like DK Fulfilment, have been at their craft for a while. So they know what you need before you do.

 Technical Support

 DK Fulfilment knows that good IT support is vital to the life of the e-commerce business. That’s why they offer online order processing, optimal service hosting, extensive reporting, and state of the art WMS. Whatever your technical needs, DK Fulfilment can help.

 Warehouse Facility

 There’s no need to worry about the quality of the warehouse; DK Fulfilment offers warehouses that are state of the art and offer: dedicated areas for kiting, packaging, labeling, testing, storage, and shipping. And with the state of the art security, and sprinkler systems; you never have to worry about product loss.


 Everyone loves a good perk, and DK Fulfilment does not disappoint. DK Fulfilment keeps tabs on the competition in order to offer you the best rates, aides you in increasing your revenue, and can be a formidable ally in growing your e-commerce business.

The Particulars

Many situations arise in an e-commerce business and knowing how to handle those situations is what DK fulfilment does best. Are you running a promotion for a limited time? Let DK handle all the details. Has a thing about long-term relationships? Its ok, some people do, but that’s not a problem for DK fulfilment; they’ll work with you long-term or on a project by project basis. What about customer returns? Don’t worry, they can handle that too.

The important thing to remember is, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your business. DK Fulfilment is there to help you reach your full, e-commerce business, potential. If you think you’d benefit from all that DK Fulfilment has to offer, contact them on the web by visiting: