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Discover How PCIRM Can Enhance Your Career

IT security professionals have an abundance of IT security training options to choose from nowadays ranging from traditional classroom courses to e-learning modules, distance learning, videos and podcasts. There are many ways you can further your career by making yourself more attractive to potential employers with a professional certification in a variety of cyber security subjects. The Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management (PCIRM) is one of these options. It is definitely one of the most highly regarded cyber security qualifications as it is recognised all over the world.

So just what is the PCIRM certification and how will it enhance your career?

The Certificate in Information Risk Management PCIRM is ideal for anyone with an IT security or information technology background. This includes project managers, IT managers, staff from within operational and compliance risk functions, internal IT auditors, as well as governance and information security practitioners. If you are currently involved in an information risk management role, this offers a great way to formalise your accumulative experience. It will look impressive on your CV and stand you in good stead for the future. Nonetheless, if you currently don’t have such a role, this certification can also give you the ideal chance to embark on information risk management responsibilities and enhance your career.

By taking one of the available PCIRM cyber security courses you will learn about the principles and terminology of information risk management. The course you take will be split into various different modules and every area of the syllabus needs to be covered in order to be certain of passing the exam. The different areas include:

  • Information risk management frameworks and concepts
  • Information risk management processes
  • Vital classification
  • Implementing information risk management

Your value to any company will increase significantly once you receive your Certification in Information Risk Management. You will be able to come up with an effective information risk management strategy. You will also be able to conduct likelihood assessments and threat vulnerability assessments. You will be able to explain the principles of controls and risk treatment, as well as how information risk management will bring about significant business gains.

In addition, you will also be able to produce and explain information classification schemes whilst presenting risk assessment results. Studies show that these IT security skills are much in demand by major corporations and government organisations, and lead to roles with greater responsibility and higher salaries.

It is also worth emphasising that PCIRM is recognised all across the globe so not only does it mean that your skills are transferable if you move to work in a different country or for an international organisation, but nowadays a lot of work is conducted online with cross-border clients. Businesses are outsourcing cyber security services to different countries in order to benefit from a more cost-effective solution. Therefore, if you provide services on a consultancy basis this opens up opportunities to a much wider range of clients.

All in all, hopefully you now have a good overview of PCIRM and why this is a recommended cyber security qualification. You will find plenty of training providers online in addition to practise papers and example questions and answers to help ensure you pass that all important exam.