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Dennis Hopper house sold for $5 million to film director Devin Gibson

2-dennis hopper home soldThe 5 building compound, home to actor Dennis Hopper, is now officially off of the market. After 2 years of price fluctuation since the Apocalypse Now actor’s passing, film director Devin Gibson has reportedly purchased the property for $5 million. The estate, which consisted of a main house designed by Brian Murphy, three condos designed by Frank Gehry, a pool house and a guest cottage, was picked up by Gibson just as it was proceeding option for division.

A brief history of how Hopper came to acquire each of the structures, as reported by the Variety, begins in 1997 with his purchase of a 1 bedroom and 1 bath house measured at 1,401 square feet, costing $325,000. Later, records indicated Hopper had the second 1,143 square foot establishment included in his property portfolio before 2000. The third of the collection, came to be referred to as the “three little pigs”, was finally acquired in 2008 costing $1,300,000 for the 1,330 square ft 1 bedroom/bath house, according to property records. According to Mr. Colacello in Vanity Fair, Hopper used one of the little pigs as an office, another for his 19 year old son by his 4th wife, and the third for his 5th wife Victoria Duffy and the couple’s 7 year old daughter after their separation.

Despite the property listings revealing an option for portions of the property to be purchased separately from one another, the estate has been confirmed by realtor Jane Gavin to be sold to Gibson and will remain intact. Changes to the estate could have meant anything from multi property remodeling to large scale demolition, particularly due to the main unit’s unusual exterior entrance and a self described “100 year old cottage” existing on the land. The main residence features a windowless facade, sharp angled roof, and a solid grey corrugated iron exterior, with cement stairs and a white picket fence surrounding the entrance. Some locals have called it an eyesore while others describe it as a work of art. Any event of separate buyers or a change of heart by Gibson could have meant major alterations to the original 3 pig collection, one made of concrete, another plywood and the third sheathed in green roofing shingles.

The unusually designed dwelling, originally built in the 80’s, had played host to numerous art functions and star studded gatherings since it was acquired by Hopper. Although purchased, it is unsure what may remain preserved as Gibson, who bought the compound at near $1.5 million under the asking price, has opted to “preserve privacy towards the situation out of respect for Mr. Hopper’s passing and his family.” Fans may expect the Hopper home to be handled respectively, being that its newest buyer has been noted for advocacy and philanthropy within the arts himself. At the entrance of the home lied photos and memorial gifts left by fans, untouched weeks after the final arrangement, perhaps as another symbol of respect for the deceased actor.