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Crully Helps Busy Business Professionals Save Time On Apartment Search

Have you ever looked for an apartment for rent? You were probably looking at some online sources just to find traditional “text-and-photo” classifieds. It is hard to judge if the apartment suits you or not by looking at the photos and reading a description. So you run around the city from place to place hoping that the next apartment finally will be the one you can settle for. It is frustrating. For busy business professional like yourself spending valuable time on apartment visits which you are not likely to rent might seem like an unaffordable luxury.

Now imagine that you’ve got a job offer and need to relocate to another city? How do you approach apartment search then? The task just got so much harder! Are you going to settle for something “sight unseen” or will you try to do the same run-around-town madness after you arrive there? Regardless of whether you relocate to another town or street you need help reducing stress and time required to find apartment for rent.

Crully  is a great tool to make your apartment search more efficient! On Crully every listing includes a video tour. Video tours are extremely effective in clarifying to apartment hunters the details about layout and condition of the property. The great example could be a list of apartments for rent in New York . Go ahead and check out few of the apartment for rent videos and try to compare your experience with the traditional “text and photos” listings. And if you want to find a room it is also available on Crully so as apartments for sale.

Also if you are a real estate agent or a landlord then you should take advantage of this site and upload a video of your apartments for rent for free to Crully. Hundreds of real estate professionals in New York and other cities already taking advantage of this innovative way to market properties. Crully will save you huge amount of time on unsuccessful apartments showings as you will only be showing the apartment for rent to those who saw the video and almost “fall in love” with it because video already told them the story!

Crully also disrupts real estate market by implementing “easy-to-post” technology through its iPhone app. Real estate professionals are busy people and having a tool which can speed up a listing process is a big help. With crully you complete an entire listing process through one app. No third party accounts like Youtube is required. Best of all Crully is free all around – free to search apartments, free to post your own listing and free to host your videos!

Search for rent, for sale and to share apartment.