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Create And Promote Brand Awareness With Unique Promotional Products

When it comes to business promotion and getting the best ROI for every penny spent, promotional products stand to be one of the main ways for a company to gain new customers, create relationships and gain client loyalty. Even though online advertising might seem like a feasible option for a promotional campaign, unique promotional items can still give you a lower consumer acquisition cost and a good ratio as well. Unique promotional products like notebooks, pens, calendars, cups, coffee mugs and water bottles will continue to create brand awareness as long they are around while on the other hand, the moment your PPC budget is gone, so is your online advertising and marketing.

Online Advertising Marketing

People are lured to online advertising and marketing because it looks easy. However there are several drawbacks to paid online advertising and marketing when compared to physical unique promotional products. For instance, when you embark on online advertising, you will have to decide on which route to take. With more and more people blocking ads today, it has become quite hard to reach your target market. If your target audience is not seeing the ads, then you will not make sales, and so, you will have wasted money on advertising. Another fallback is that you will have to research your target market and keywords for that particular market. Get one wrong keyword and you will have wasted your investment.


As if that is not all, another major disadvantage with online advertising in comparison to promotional brand products is that your competitors may click on your ads and this will cost you money. This is a well-known tactic where people try to get even with their competitors. This will soon exhaust your budget, leaving you with no new customers.

Promotional Products

Well, a printed t-shirt or an embroidered cap will still advertise your business long after your online advertising campaign. Unique promotional products undoubtedly make the best marketing tools for any company. If you are serious about creating and maintaining your brand awareness, then you might want to employ this strategy so that you can trigger recognition in the public.


There’s an array of products available for you to distribute that go beyond the typical items. Some products can be branded with any business such as calendars, clocks, key chains, anodized knives, flashlights, embroidered shirts and t-shirts and many more. All these give the prospect customers something to remember your brand and make a great impression. So, let your loyal clients know that you appreciate them by sending them an item with your logo on it. This action will not only make their day, but you will have advertised your brand in a subtle manner.

Cups, mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, caps, clocks and such unique promotional items with your business’ logo can’t neither be blocked like online ads nor can they blow your budget overnight like the Pay Per Click programs. Unique promotional products have and will still be an excellent way to promote and grow your business and brand identity likewise.