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Costs Involved in Cell Phone Towers

Costs Involved in Cell Phone Towers

cell phone towersInvestors who are interesting in constructing cell-phone towers often have many questions about the process, including how much everything will cost. Although these towers can be lucrative investments for both telecommunication carrier and landowner, numbers must be crunched ahead of time. A variety of factors will impact the costs for both parties.

Cell Towers

Cellular-telephone towers are sites where communications equipment is placed, including antennas and electrical components. These towers are high structures that support:

  • Digital signal processors
  • GPS receivers
  • Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • Electronic controls
  • Electrical power primary sources
  • Electrical backups

Working Range

towersThe connection distance and quality between mobile phones depends on cell-phone towers’ working ranges. Some of the factors impacting the working range are:

  • Antenna height
  • Signal frequency
  • Transmitter power rating
  • Geographic factors
  • Weather conditions

Structure Types

Cell-phone towers can be built in many different ways. They can be as simple as lone poles, or architecturally designed to fit discreetly into the ambiance of a location. Although it’s more costly to construct the more elaborate towers, doing so can enhance their appearance as well as the surrounding area. Some of the options in tower styles include:

  • Monopoles
  • Stealth faux trees
  • Façade-mount antennas
  • Guyed towers

Zoning Concerns

While the construction price is one aspect that investors and companies must consider when planning their cell phone tower, it’s not the only concern. An important consideration is the locale’s zoning regulations. The zoning rules vary depending on the state, city, and surrounding area. For example:

  • Rural areas typically have more lenient zoning regulations.
  • Urban locations usually want stealth towers that blend into the geographic terrain.

Stealth Facilities

mobile towersWhen towers are camouflaged to become stealth facilities, they are more attractive, but cost more money to build, too. Some of the ways towers are designed to blend into the environment are:

  • They are designed to look like pine trees in forested regions.
  • They are created to appear like palm trees in the southwest and tropical regions.
  • They are made to look like eucalyptus trees.
  • They are integrated into building’ rooftops or facades, with no exposed antennas.


The final price to construct a cell-phone tower will vary depending on multiple factors. Estimates range from $100,000 to $350,00, but price tags can go much higher as projects reach completion. Some of the factors that impact costs are:

  • Construction site
  • Zoning regulation
  • Working range of the cell cite
  • Type of structure

In order to obtain more precise cost estimates for constructing cell phone towers, it’s wise to get quotes based on the specifics of the area, type of structure, and power. Tower prices vary widely, so estimates should be calculated according to individual details.