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Constant “Sell Your Self”… Until Death Do You Part

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s is a billion dollar company and their food taste …not the best? It’s the happy meals. They are like little sales kits for kids. “Here take this kit kid and tell Mommy and Daddy to keep coming back.”

So we start selling at an early age. Sell your parents on the ideas of what cereal to buy, what toys and cloths you like. The big companies are all behind it and they are smart if they get you hooked as a kid and then they can sell for generations. This is possibly the best marketing strategy ever because it is continues, from childhood to grandparents.

That is all dandy, but this is about you and why and how you keep selling yourself as an adult. You see, we are programed as adults also. We sell our selves to a job and that is just fine for some folks.

The kicker is you have to keep selling yourself. Take what I do for example. I remodel houses, I have to sell myself and value over and over. You have to build trust, get to know people and then sell your service to them. Even if you are working for someone, you have to constantly prove yourself.

Watch My Boise Remodeling Walk Through Video As I sell Myself Again..

There is a better way. Now you will never get away from selling yourself. But if you have to why not reap all the rewards. Now I don’t want you to run out and quit your job. If you have a burning desire to make a change and become more like what you want to be then I say to go for it. Start little every day and make it happen.

Now there could be a wide range of things that you could do, below are some ideas:

1) Start a hobbie that make you some cash.

2) Write a book. With the e-readers out today and Amazon you can push a book to be popular easier than ever.

3) Start a blog. There are tons of ways and ideas about blogging. With easy to use platforms like Blogger and WordPress it is cake to look important in a niche with little tech skills.

4) Start a Facebook page or group about a subject that is dear to your heart and keep sharing it. You will soon see that you have a big following.

You are only limited by your imagination. The tools to do it are all in front of you. Start today. Make a decision on selling yourself for what you want out of life… not what your job wants out of you.

If you turn off the Tv and put away your phone for 2 hrs a day. You will have invested 712 hrs. into what you want to do after a year and by that time you most likely will be doing what YOU want to do.