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Commercial Burglaries Rise in Summertime

Commercial Burglaries Rise in Summertime

As summer heats up so does business growth. But did you know crime also expands with the temperatures? While the police maintain order and control by insisting those rates are stable, research proves otherwise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the difference between winter and summer property crime trends is approximately 11%. But that number rises to a 12% difference in violent crime. Why is the case and how can Korner Security help minimize your risks for commercial burglaries?

Do People Really Act Worse in the Summer?

Few people have drastic seasonal personality changes, but there tend to be more people out and about in the summer. If the BLS statistics aren’t convincing enough, the FBI also reports that summertime crime heats up 10% from June to August compared to the rest of the year. So much for J. Edgar Hoover’s assertion that “Offenses of robbery and burglary are most frequently committed in the winter months.” In all fairness, that may have been true in 1935, but times have changed.

Not everyone who is out in the summer months is looking for some innocent fun. Some are looking for unlocked or open windows, light or non-existing security measures, and empty homes or businesses. Of course, the heat surely doesn’t help. In fact, higher temperatures are known to increase aggression in even the mildest mannered citizen. So just imagine what a heat wave can do to someone who is already on the wrong side of the fence.

What Can Be Done to Reduce Your Risks of Theft or Serious Crime?

No business wants to deal with product or monetary loss. But violent crime is so much worse and so much scarier. Let’s face it, if your employees really considered how likely they were to be involved in a theft ring or violent crime during working hours, you’d probably need to close shop until you could hire a new round of employees. No one has to or should live or work in fear. And Korner Security has plenty of options and custom services so you never have to worry about the ongoing security of your business and employees.

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective solutions here. On the business end, make sure all windows and doors are secure before leaving. Put all ladders and loose climbing gear out of reach of a potential burglar. Invest in warning signs and fencing as the first line of defense is usually enough to keep low-level criminals away. A guard dog can help as well for businesses with high-profile services or outside equipment. Invest in a security system. Video surveillance is perhaps the most effective technical solution to curtail crime. After all, if potential criminals know they’re being watched and monitored from outside the business, they’re far more likely to choose an easier target.

Get a Fully Trained Security Guard

Do security guards really help keep businesses safe? Absolutely. Of course, that depends heavily on their type of training, length of service, and previous experience. Korner Security hires trained and experienced security guards so you never have to trust your safety and security to an untrained kid right off the street. With over 40 years of experience, Korner Security can help ensure your business keeps doing what it’s supposed to do: grow.