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Collaboration Software for Online Fax Integration

businessWhen looking to the future needs of your new or expanding business in today’s world, collaboration software is becoming increasingly popular. They allow businesses small or large to manage multiple projects at once, work in real-time with other users, and send various correspondence. With such innovative platforms, a fax machine may seem archaic at first glance. However, these devices still serve important functions in a business, they have just taken the advanced form of online fax services. These services give users a dedicated phone number to send and receive faxes by email or even by smartphone app in some cases. The best collaboration software will integrate with other popular software and almost always require an email component. With both collaboration software and online fax integrating with email, it only makes sense that they would also integrate well with one another. Services like can even help pair you with the best online fax solution to integrate with your chosen software solutions and meet the needs of your business.


One of the newer software solutions currently gaining in popularity, OfficeMedium is taking a lot of what it’s predecessors have done and improved it in several ways. The dashboard features eight “blocks” which are divided up into categories such as recent content, tasks, calendar, and real-time chat boxes. It allows you to easily navigate to events, resources, contacts, and user emails. While these functions are similar to other software platforms, the way OfficeMedium stands out is in its ability to incorporate the more popular aspects of social media into its design. It gives users their own profiles, activity feeds, status updates, the ability to blog, participate in polls and even has private messaging. With so many different mediums to communicate with, you have a great platform to integrate with users preferred email providers and subsequent online fax services.


One of the most well-reviewed collaboration software solutions, Trello continues to be a popular choice for new businesses and more established ones looking for a better way to affordably communicate. The platform organizes tasks and projects into cards and boards that are easy to use — and at no cost. You can integrate it with other popular services such as the email and document editing functions offered by Google to give your collaborators nearly everything they need to stay connected for next to nothing. To step up the professional appearance of your business, you should invest in a dedicated phone line outside of your personal cell for clients and collaborators to reach you. Couple that phone service with a low-cost online fax service and your business has what it needs to compete against even the bigger players in your field.


In terms of a learning curve, Wrike is constantly praised for how easy it is to use, even for beginners. If your company is expanding, new users require less time to understand the software and can start producing faster. This makes Wrike a great training tool for both small and large companies looking to save time and money in the training process. Like the other two, you’re also able to easily track the progress of a project and see contributions in real-time. Approving and editing work can be done with just a few clicks, and many popular business software integrates well with Wrike. While software considered “more advanced” by some critics is moving away from email, Wrike is improving email functions to ensure that important or time sensitive messages are seen promptly. Email notifications are sent to each user’s preferred inbox and will alert them when changes are made to projects they have created or worked. If your users need to be in constant contact with clients who use traditional or online fax, those clients can reach your users through their inbox and that information can be relayed to the timeline in Wrike. This seamless integration of project management and online fax services through user email will make communication between management, clients, and collaborators easier than it’s ever been.

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