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Closing The Deal

“The Art of the deal” was written by Donald Trump, and instantly  became a smashing New York Times bestseller. Mr. Trump gave us his rendition of how he’s been ever so calculated in putting together the deals that have netted him billions and billions, over and over again. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the professional network and resources as does Mr. Trump, so we are forced to rely on our own skillset and disciplines in order to close the deal. So is there a secret sauce, or an art per say, to closing the deal?

I decided to reach out through my social network to find someone who’s had consistent success at closing Real Estate deals. I quickly thought of an old friend, Gayan Pelawatta of Stearns Holdings. This is one person whom I know has closed many real estate transactions of all sorts,  in many different markets, states, and countries. I’ll never forget his email address [email protected]*****.com. I sent Gayan an email and asked him if he would be willing to share with my blog subscribers what he thinks is the secret to closing real estate deals. I expected a very opinionated and intense reply, but was quite surprised with his short, but none the less, powerful response.

Below is Gayans response to my email request:

Hello ____,  and thank you for considering me as a source of insight for closing real estate deals. I hope I can be of help, but to be honest with you _____, there’s nothing sexy about the way I close. My approach to every deal is the same. My overall mission is to build a “golden bridge” between myself, and my counterpart. It begins at the introduction, and is built upon with each conversation and meeting. I always expect the unexpected, because it is to be expected. That way, there are never any surprises. Remaining patient is key, but always pressing forward using deadlines to keep the deal from going stagnant is critical. And last, I’d have to say, to always make your counterpart understand how they are winning. Winning is the biggest motivational factor behind closing the deal!

If closing over 500 real estate transactions over the last decade is any indication of success, then maybe we should allow Gayan Pelawattas advice to resonate with us. The “Building a Golden Bridge” method of closing real estate deals must surely be effective; it has most certainly created a yellow brick road of success for Mr. Pelawatta.