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Choosing rattan for interior design

The appetite for natural looking materials and sustainable substances has led many home-owners away from traditional timbers, which whilst looking great, take their toll on the environment.

But if you don’t want to sacrifice style for the sake of your principles, you might want to consider rattan.

Although it may be more associated with garden and conservatory furniture, rattan is exploding in popularity as a material for use in interior design, being chosen for every room in the house.

Here’s a closer look at using rattan in interior design.

Bathroom, conservatory and kitchen

Three rooms which can be problematic for furnishing, the dampness and humidity in the air can cause issues for many different products.

Wood can warp, peel or crack leaving cheap-looking plastic or cold metal as the only possible alternatives.

Rattan is ideal in the bathroom

Rattan is ideal in the bathroom

Rattan furniture is impervious to the wet, and can withstand a great range of temperatures, which means it can be used in every room in the house without compromising the quality or its lifespan.

And its natural aesthetic appeal means that you can have stylish furniture which looks as good as it functions.

In the lounge

Rattan sofas and chairs come in a range of styles, designs and sizes so there’ll be the perfect fit for your lounge, whether you need a large and sprawling seating area or a more compact option.

Corner sofas work particularly well, making use of those spare inches which are normally wasted, so they can be a good choice for those who are struggling for space.

Modern rattan designs tend to be neutral and minimalist in design; gone are the more traditional floral prints seen in the 70s!

The rattan weave comes in a variety of colours; soft slate grey, creamy beige or jet black are all available, together with the upholstery of your choice.

You can also pick from more traditional suites; with armchairs and sofas in a variety of arrangements and styles, from soft throw cushion designs to high wing-back chairs, ideal for complementing Victorian or Georgian interior decor.


A particularly versatile and extensive range, rattan tables and chairs offer an incredible choice, with a combination of materials as well as sizes and style all available.

Pick from either an all-rattan set, topped with toughened glass for easy cleaning, or choose a design which combines rattan and wood to great effect.

The variation of materials allows you to pick a dining set which best complements your existing decor, fitting in flawlessly with your room.

Rattan dining set

Formal dining sets with individual, upholstered chairs are available, perfect for a dining room used for dinner parties and entertaining guests. For a more casual, sociable feel, there are elongated, high-backed benches which fit round the table, encouraging chit-chat and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

If you don’t have much room, cube sets can provide a nifty solution, slotting away when not in use to take up the least space possible. When needed the chairs slide out and the backs flip up, creating fully functional chairs which are comfortable and ready for use.

If you want to create a setting which offers that extra touch of class, you could opt for rattan table settings too, with coasters, placemats and even dining accessories such as a Lazy Susan trimmed in rattan.


Of course, just because rattan is perfect for use in interior design doesn’t mean the garden should miss out; it’s the perfect opportunity to link up your decor both indoors and out.

Having a garden and interior which match and combine is very much in vogue right now so opting for rattan is a choice which is bang on trend.


Rattan is the perfect material for furniture, being strong, stain resistant and tough without compromising on style and appearance.

Rattan can fit into any type of interior design, complementing your existing decor and bringing your home right up to date.