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Cheap SEO or Paid Advertising?

With your website you have 3 options for your Internet Marketing, do it all yourself, use an SEO company or use paid adverting. But which one gives you the best return on investment? In this article i will give you the pros and cons for each and give you my opinion from experience.


Perform Your Own SEO

Performing your own SEO if by far the cheapest option but the most time consuming. If you have 5-10 hours spare per week then self SEO is the best option for you. The main factor you need to focus on if you decide to go with marketing your site yourself is content. Adding great blog posts and excellent content on all your web pages. Ideally you should be posting daily blogs and promoting them in the right channels to attract readers, backlinks and social shares.

Depending on your industry you can do some research by searching Google for blog networks in your industry. Every time you publish a post on your blog, submit it to your selected blog networks. The more networks you submit your posts to, the more change you will get of people visiting your site to read it. Create accounts on all social media platforms and do the same.

Use an SEO Company

There are tens of thousands of SEO companies around the world and 90% of them will not generate high search engine rankings or web traffic. I suggest using SixtyMarketing as they are a cheap SEO company who deliver the results they promise at a really good rate with excellent one on one customer service. This frees up more time for you each week but at a small monthly cost.

Using the right cheap SEO company will cover all aspects of your Internet marketing including link building, blogging, onsite SEO and social media. Experience is key in this industry and it has a huge advantage over self SEO because of this.

Paid Advertising

Such as Facebook Marketing and Google AdWords, paid advertising is by far the most expensive form of adverting but it allows you to get your products seen a lot quicker apposed to SEO as this can take anything from 3-9 months for you to be seen on the search engines.

You bid on keywords against your competitors, the higher you bid, the higher positioning you get on Google and get more exposure for your ad. These bids vary from 20p to £20 per click depending on your industry.

Which Form Do I Suggest?

I would suggest using a cheap SEO company such as SixtyMarketing to perform all your internet marketing. They have the experience and charge a good monthly rate and frees up a lot of time for you each week to focus on your business. I would suggest using Facebook Marketing to attract more Likes to your business page. You should see a good return from a small weekly budget (around £10 per week) and you can select your target audience for your ad to display to.