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Cashless Mediclaim Policies Reduce Financial Burden During Medical Crisis

insuranceCashless mediclaim policies are a kind of health insurance plans which allow policyholders to avail the best medical facility for no cost. Under this coverage, insurers pay the hospital bills of the individuals directly to the healthcare provider and allow them to have a peaceful medical treatment. The main motto of this policy is to help individuals keep them away from the financial burden they might be facing during the hospitalization.

Major Benefits Of Buying Cashless Mediclaim Insurance Policy

  • It reduces the financial burden on the shoulders of the insured and helps him/her recover with peace of mind.
  • This plan works as a viable tool for those who typically don’t maintain immediately liquid money in their bank accounts to pay their sudden medical bills.

There are many things that you should keep in your mind while buying health insurance with cashless facility:

  • Cashless facility can be availed of in selected hospitals
  • Most insurers outsource the insurance claim function to other companies, so you might get a late response from the TPA.
  • There could be unnecessary delays happen during the treatment or discharge from the hospital if something is wrong between the relation of TPA and hospitals.

What Will Trigger You To Choose the Best Cashless Mediclaim Cover?

Specialist InsuranceA right mediclaim plan is meant to take care of all the expenses of you and your family during the medical crisis. Individual and family floater plans are the two commonly known health policies available in the market. There are many insurers which don’t show positive response while covering pregnancy and dental related issues. You should not forget to read the guidelines before making the final purchase of the plan of your choice. Since if you are going to invest in a health plan, this it should mean to you when you will claim against the rising medical bills. Here are also some useful features that play very important role while opting for an adequate cashless mediclaim cover for you:

Maximum Renewable Age – This is an age after which your policy would be discontinued and you have to renew your health cover for the next year. Policies with higher renewable age should be your first choice.

Sum Insured – The amount for which an individual is covered under the policy is known as the sum insured. It’s always worthy for you to choose a policy that provides you with the maximum coverage in your budget.

Copayment – It’s a kind of certain percentage which you have to pay to your insurer before getting the reimbursement for the medical bills. Don’t forget to check this option beforehand.

Limits/sub-limits On Specific Treatments – Most cashless mediclaim policies in India come with limits on treatment options for certain specific diseases like cardiac or cataract. Buy a plan if you don’t have a problem with these limits.

Waiting period – There are many insurance companies which cover several specific diseases after paying the premiums continuously for 4 to 5 years.

Hospital Room Rent & Maternity Cover – It’s advisable to check the upper limits so that you know various other expenses are also covered. Make sure that the policy also covers the expenses of the hospital room rent and maternity.

Empanelled Hospitals – Check if your policy covers a list of healthcare facilities which are near to your home.

Day Care Treatments – Don’t forget to check the list of day care procedures covered under your cashless mediclaim policy and go with the right one for you.