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Careers Pathways in CDL Trucking

Careers Pathways in CDL Trucking

For those who like to be on the road, truck driving could be the career choice for them. When researching CDL trucking jobs North Dakota, there are a few different categories of driving that a person can apply for.

What is a CDL?

In order to drive a commercial vehicle, one must have a CDL, also known as a Commercial Driver’s License. Unlike a normal driver’s license, this license allows a person to operate oversized vehicles or those that carry multiple passengers like busses. To obtain this license, one must complete training and pass an exam. CDL licenses are broken into three classes. The Class A CDL is necessary to drive larger trucks.

CDL Jobs By Driving Distance

CDL jobs can be categorized by the distance traveled between the pickup of items and delivery. Local CDL drivers typically work for smaller companies and may only travel within a city or a specific mileage within a city. Regional drivers will transport throughout a state, and they will occasionally also deliver to neighboring states. Over the Road or OTR drivers are also known as long-haul drivers. These drivers can travel across multiple states and will spend time away from home in order to complete their deliveries.

CDL Jobs By Type of Truck

Each type of truck used to haul materials takes certain skills from the driver. The following are common types of vehicles used in the trucking industry.

  • Dry Van Trucks: These are the common 18-wheeler trailers that carry dry goods or non-perishable items. Depending on the requirements of their employer, drivers may have to help with the unloading of these items.
  • Tanker Trucks: In high demand, this job involves transporting hazardous and nonhazardous liquids and requires quick action from the driver in cases of emergency.
  • Refrigerated Freight Trucks: These trucks must carry materials at a specific temperature, including food and medical supplies. Drivers must be able to set the temperature properly, maintain optimal temperatures and correctly store the items within their truck.
  • FlatBed Trucks: When items are too large or oddly shaped, making them unable to fit inside a normal trailer, these items must be transported by flatbed. Items transported on flatbed can include vehicles and trailer homes. Drivers must be skilled in tying items down for overall safety.

Truck driving is a career with a multitude of options. Those interested can find the right career based on their preferences and skills.