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How should businesses handle increasing terror threats?

How should businesses handle increasing terror threats?

Considering the increase in terror attacks these days, businesses need to be especially careful. It’s not enough for businesses to simply continue their daily activities without making plans to deal with a potential threat or crisis. Businesses need to prepare themselves now, starting with hiring specialist First Aid Safety services to advise and help put in place precautionary measures, as well as provide training for employees.

Businesses should also do the following steps to ensure they are as prepared as possible for an unexpected crisis:


Evaluate existent emergency plan

Check thoroughly for any flaws in the current emergency plan and procedures. Ask if your emergency plan is powerful enough to handle any threat that might occur. Also see how you could improve the business continuity plan.

To handle increasing terrorism alert levels, Crisis Management Plans should include a series of specific actions to follow. The choice of actions depends on factors, such as:

– the level of physical access to your property. Is it easily accessible? Can you take proper actions to secure it properly in an emergency evacuation scenario?

– the building’s security level: where is it located and what else is it close to?

– any other environmental or political factors that might be relevant

Remain up to date

It’s the sole responsibility of the company to read up on all latest information released by intelligence agencies. Continuous monitoring of all information coming from different sources, such as the media, is extremely important as it allows businesses to react quickly and to make changes where necessary.

Risk Assessment

Carry out a risk assessment to see if your business needs to increase its response to the various threat levels. Businesses need to prioritize the risks being faced from minor to major.


If you find out that your emergency plan needs few adjustments, then do them immediately. Safety control should be up to date addressing all security minor and major threats.

Fresh Training

Your employees, warden team, frontline staff and overall management might have been trained previously but you need to need to give them fresh training, given the increased terror threats.

Allocation of authorisation

Who will be allocated the responsibility of ascertaining and handling the threat levels? This authorisation is a highly sensitive matter, because mistakes or carelessness could lead to serious interruption of daily business activities, not to mention devastating loss of precious lives and resources. Once the person is decided upon, provide them with everything they need to handle the threats.

Customised planning of events

Whenever you plan a commercial event at your workplace, such as an official meeting or conference, also prepare a plan of action to maximize the safety of the participants.