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Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Etiquette in Estonia

Active accountant checking receiptsEstonia is the main hub for aspirants, who wish to start a new business or set up a new company in a risk free and affordable area. If you are also one such aspirant, you should know the basic business etiquette and corporate responsibility. Once you set up business there, you become an integral part of their society, so make sure you do not do anything offensive and easily socialize with them.

Know the dress code

The dress code for businesspersons in Estonia is distinctive, which differentiates them from a lay man. Males are supposed to wear dark suits with tie whereas women can wear formal skirts or trousers. You also need to wear black or dark brown formal shoes or bellies to complete the formal business look.

Know the proper greetings

Estonian men are supposed to greet women first. Moreover, the younger should also initiate the greetings with the older. Same is the etiquette for juniors and seniors. You can say good morning to them as a part of greeting. English is widely spoken and understood in Estonia.

Moreover, they use “Tere” instead of hello whenever they meet someone. You can also give Estonians your business card to be in contact with them. It is considered a professional way of maintaining contacts.

Estonians are very fond of their culture and customs. Therefore, it is always advisable to learn few phrases from their daily life to make them socialize with you easily. It will also show your respect for their country. Make sure you do not mention any ill thing about their country or the tradition to anyone as it may be considered annoying.

As a common rule for all, you should remain polite and professional while doing business in Estonia. You should avoid raising your voice even to your workers or labours.

Know the way in which meetings are held

The meeting speeches are expected to be concise and to the point. You should not idle away the hours. Instead, use facts and figures and come to the conclusion directly. You should have proper communication skills and direct eye contact with all of them.

Apologies are accepted, if you are late. However, it is considered extremely unprofessional behaviour. Make sure you inform the other party well in advance about the date and venue. Plan your meetings in such a way that they are concluded in the given time.

In case, you find any kind of difficulty in attending a meeting, make sure you notify the company about the case. You should also keep in mind that you send the important papers to the meeting place even if you do not attend it.

Estonians are often considered stubborn. Therefore, make sure you have a good plan to convince them. Also be mentally prepared to arrange more meetings as convincing them in just one meeting is not an easy task.

Knowing these basic business etiquettes will help you to socialize with Estonians easily and get a homely work environment.

Jeff Carter

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