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Best Location in Istanbul to Start Up a Business

Istanbul is the largest town in turkey, constituting the country’s cultural, economic and historical. It is highly populated. Istanbul’s strategic position along Silk Road, rail networks and the only sea route between the Black sea and the Mediterranean fosters populace. Besides being the best tour and travel destination, it is also very economical.

Which are the best places in Istanbul to set up a business?

Istanbul is open to business investments to anyone, regardless of nationality or place of residence. To establish a business all you need is to register your company according to Turkish laws.

The most economical place in Istanbul for doing business includes;


Bakikoy is located along the Marmara Sea on Istanbul’s European side. It is a middle-class neighborhood close to Ataturk International Airport. This place is an economic location because;

Easily relate with the locals since English is being taught in the area. The area boasts a number large shopping malls and business centres. English school teachers can easily get jobs due to the vast growth in English schools. This also leads to vast growth in population. Has appealing sea views, close to a historical center, near the Ataturk International Airport. This attracts tourists, boosting business. Offers great opportunities. Dense population leads to many customers.


Beyoglu- Taksin

Beyoglu – Taksin is a district in Istanbul. It is a more upper scale neighborhood. It is a lively and economic environment because;

Many restaurants, cafes, bars and nightlife, clubs in the city. This ensures life runs smoothly. Beyoglu hosts art galleries and museum, many historical sites leading to tourists in the region. Good public roads. Low-mid-upper income scale range English language is spoken and taught in the region highly dense population thus many consumers.


It’s a largely middle-class district in Istanbul. It is a good location to start up a business because;

It has a dense population. Popular for students, teachers and families. Has a laid back nature, thus is very appealing. Have an English teaching schools and universities. Lively. There are restaurants, café, nightclubs, and many local markets.

It is however hard to commute to European sides when it’s too late or too early.


This is one of the European suburbs in Istanbul. It’s a favourable place to put up a business because;

It’s a lively town. Has restaurants, entertainment spots and joints, graceful architecture. It is well connected. It’s filled with foreign brands and high street fashion shopping. The income scale is upper range. Filled with business professionals, families and intellectual


This is situated in the heart of Istanbul’s central business district. This area is convenient for business people

Dominated by large-scale skyscrapers. Modern n shopping malls and concrete apartment blocks. Has its own metro bus stop. Good nightlife entertainment Cost of living is moderate.

These are just a few of the best locations to set up a business in Istanbul. Always perform a research and analysis on the market to ensure that a location is ideal for your specific business. With a legit Turkey visa, you can easily make plans to start your business. Ensure you understand all the legal requirements and structures in order to have a smooth time.