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Best High Tech Hotels

Best High Tech Hotels

 Technology is always advancing and evolving and so too are the ways that we use it.  For example, there are a number of incredibly Innovative and high-tech hotels for travelers to visit all over the world. Here’s a list of the best high-tech hotels you can stay at worldwide.

  1. Henn-na, hotel in Japan

This hotel has the distinction of being the first entirely robot run Hotel.  Female robots check you in, carry your bags and even converse with you while taking you to your room. In addition, Henn-na is run by solar power.

Henn-na, hotel in Japan

  1. Hotel 1000 in Seattle, Washington

 Instead of using do not disturb signs, doors in this high-tech Hotel will alert you via doorbell if they sense the body heat of standing outside your door.  The hotel has a fully converged IP interface that allows guests to choose their rooms are artwork, music, and temperature.  There’s also a virtual reality Golf Course featured on the premises where you can play 50 different famous courses.

  1. The Peninsula in Chicago

The Peninsula in Chicago, Illinois each room features a tablet that controls every aspect of the hotel room from the lights to the temperature.

The Peninsula in Chicago

  1. Opus Vancouver, Canada

Each guest gets an iPad 2 and a Galaxy S3 both with unlimited service to use throughout the duration of your stay at Opus.  You check out both devices are wiped and set back to factory settings.

  1. Eccleston Square, London, England

Each room uses a touchscreen that controls all aspects of the room from the lights to the music playing this touch green also doubles as your personal concierge while you are in there. The clear glass walls of the shower turn frosted at a touch, and the bathroom mirror conceals a flat screen TV.

  1. Mama Shelter, Paris, France each room comes equipped with iMac technology this allows guests to watch TV, listen to music use and Airway and Skype.

Now that you know some more about the best high-tech hotels you can visit worldwide be sure to visit one of them the next time you travel.  And if find fantastic values on vacations everyday visit applevacations. com.