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Backlinking in 2017: How It Will Affect Your Business
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Backlinking in 2017: How It Will Affect Your Business

All business owners would like to create a website that ranks well in Google searches. After all, this is the steady way of bringing in a new stream of customers. For years, websites have relied on backlinks to stay at the top of search results for their targeted keywords.

As links that connect an external website to your site, backlinks let search engines know that your site matters. Investing in such links is more like gaining votes in an unending popularity contest on the internet.

However, these links must come from websites that complement what you do. Getting a majority of votes means more credibility as well as high rankings in all relevant search engines. Anytime a site links to you, it proves that your content is engaging and of utmost importance to its readers.

Want to keep the momentum going? Here are 4 ways on how backlinking in 2017 will affect your business:

  •   Higher rankings

As already established, backlinks play a pivotal role in higher rankings. How you may ask? The answer is simple! The more backlinks from a unique website that your site has, then the higher your search ranking will be. When it comes to finding the best backlinks for your site, Google offers three choices:

a)  Consider the link and enable your site to rank

b)  Disregard the link without allowing it to have any boost or negative effect on your site rank

c)  Penalize your website due to the fact that the link is manipulative

To use backlinks to your advantage, carefully go through Google’s guidelines on manipulative link building. This will teach you about the links that should be avoided and enable you to use backlinks only for the advantage of higher rankings.

 Increase website traffic

The more backlinks you have from different websites, the better your chances of driving the traffic that you need to your own site. Backlinking
from a highly popular website can lead traffic your way for years. Referral traffic is often targeted because it drives traffic without extra costs that
come with it. You no longer have to spend money on paid searches.

 Builds trust and authority for your business

Receiving endorsements from authoritative websites will enable more people to trust your business and recognize your brand. Backlinking will allow Google to look at your website as a source of useful information and consumers will consider it a reliable brand that will better suit their needs. High quality links not only better SEO but they also attract consumers to your brand simply by association.

 Promotion for your business

Simply put, backlinking in 2017 will provide more consistent visibility for your business. Anytime a consumer notices that your brand name is linked to great content, they will automatically begin to relate your business to the particular topics that your brand name, is linked to. This will lead to more website visits and brand interaction down the road.

Bottom Line

The first step to successful backlinking is the creation of good content that other brands would want to link to. Your website is the hub of information for your business. When all other sites should orbit this hub for the purpose to get the most of this cohesive information, you will always remain at the top of the ranks. So, do not ignore backlinking any longer. 2017 is your year to thrive!