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A Trick to Boost Your Business for $5

ScreenshotOnline video is on the rise both in its effectiveness and, unfortunately, in its production cost. There’s no better way to promote your business, attract new clients and enchant old ones than video: commercials, tutorials, intros, presentations and explainers have the highest ROI compared to any other medium.

However, producing a video clip for your business can turn out to be severely hitting the pocket. The initial cost is around $1000 per finished minute which is a lot for small and even medium-sized businesses.

A Five-Dollar Way Out

Luckily for us, there emerged an AI-driven web-service of video editing available at which offers a possibility of producing up to 150 videos of any kind in an automatic mode for just 5 USD per month.

No need to hire professional editors and pull your belt in a notch. You or anyone from your team is now able to produce a video to fit your needs and requirements since Avimoto reduces this previously complicated process to three easy steps:

–          upload video and/or photo material

–          choose a genre and audiotrack

–          entitle the movie

As you see, it’s totally up to you to decide what kind of video you want to get. You can make it simple and concise or, on the contrary, spectacular – it’s a question of your tastes. In the meantime,

you don’t need any editing skills – none at all!

The payment options are numerous which makes it as convenient as possible. You can get back to business or have some rest while Avimoto is making you movie as, depending on the volume of the uploaded material, in 5 minutes to 1 hour you will receive the Movie-Ready nofitication via email. The movie is then easy to share in social networks and download to your device.

Improve your business by online videos and you will see the result at once. Avimoto will help you do that in a matter of minutes and a couple of clicks.