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A Simple Approach to Sales Force Effectiveness

salesforce-cloudIncreasing sales has become more and more challenging for today’s businesses. A few years ago, companies would hand out sales goals like candy. It was very subjective, and the hope was that some people would exceed these expectations. As technology has improved, the sales process has changed. According to the Harvard Business Review, many companies look at the science behind their sales to determine how they can really make an impact. There are several tools that offer scientific data to improve the sales process. One of them is screen sharing.

Why Screen Sharing

As such, products that promote the use of screen sharing have the ability to increase productivity of the sales cycle. Livepitch is an example of one such tool sales executives can employ as a more efficient way to connect with customers. The presentation or video can be emailed to multiple customers at a time. These people can view the video on their own time and pause it if they need too. There is no software to download with this type of technology. Instead, the video is viewable on an email, mobile device, tablet, or URL.

Custom Presentations

Since salespeople do not have to present individually to each person, they can reach more people and customize a presentation for differing needs. Certain parts of the presentation might have personalized information or details that pertain to specific customers. This is an effective sales approach that often allows people to gain more business.

Helpful Data

Every time someone views a presentation or video, you receive information about his or her experience. You will learn how long they watched the video. You will also learn if they watched the entire presentation or got bored. This data is particularly helpful as you fine-tune the sales process. Many companies become more effective over time. They are able to develop presentations that are specific to the needs of their customers and more engaging.

Segmenting Prospective Customers

With the data you receive, you can segment your prospective customers. For example, you might find that your top 20% of prospective customers are twice as likely to interact with your videos than the other prospective customers. With this kind of information, you will be able to prioritize your sales efforts. If you did not know this, a lot of your priority customers might get overlooked. This is why it makes so much sense to focus on the science behind your sales efforts.

It doesn’t have to be as challenging to increase your sales. With live presentations and videos, you can connect with your customers effectively and increase your productivity. Even better, you will have useful data to improve your sales prospecting efforts.

To recap, an effective sales force solution should give you – the sales professional the agility you need to get the message out to a prospective client with ease. Technical snafus commonly foil the sales prospecting process and add an unnecessary level of stress to the equation. If you want to close more deals and win new customers, consider the tools you are using to deliver your presentation. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

Reap The Benefits of Great Customer-Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of most businesses in today’s world. A business that can’t attract customers will find itself ready to close its doors for good. By ensuring a positive experience for patrons, a company can grow and succeed. Fostering a positive customer experience should be goal number one. How can companies implement the most effective practices to continue growing in this regard? Consider the following solutions and find out.

What are exit interviews?

When customers leave a store, their recent experience is at the forefront of their minds. Companies can harness this information through exit surveys, which are conducted at the exits. A third party service conducts surveys, asking each customer to explain their recent experience and give a thorough opinion on various subjects. Through these interviews, honest and accurate feedback are often the result.

What are customer satisfaction surveys?

For easier feedback collection, stores can rely upon customer satisfaction surveys, which are often taken online. Not all customers will respond, but those that do tend to have a strong opinion about their experiences at a store. Whether positive or negative, a business needs to take that information to heart and make appropriate changes if necessary to please that customer next time.

Are mystery shoppers necessary and useful?

Companies sometimes question the usefulness of mystery shoppers, but they play a vital role in the customer experience. These shoppers can maximize the customer experience by helping companies develop the best policies in-store, online, and by phone. Currently, thousands of companies utilize mystery shoppers regularly. If a business wants to bolster its customer service, then these shoppers are mandatory.

The company that assumes customers are wrong is the one that fails miserably. By taking in customer feedback and adapting to it, businesses can improve the customer service of its stores. The average customer pays attention to a store’s performance and visits locations that they believe care about the customer experience. Mystery shopping jobs in Sydney are highly sought after, so these shoppers are highly skilled at assisting businesses. Above Benchmark can connect businesses with mystery shoppers and other services today. Find out more at now!