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7 Ways to Identify the Best SEO Company for Your Small Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the primary marketing methods to enable online businesses to find new customers. As with any marketing effort, the larger the budget, the more likely you are to reach potential customers. This puts smaller companies at a disadvantage, so their efforts need to be spent on finding the best SEO Company for small businesses.

When SEO is outsourced to knowledgeable, experienced companies, the results can elevate smaller firms into larger businesses. Here are seven ways to find the right SEO company for your needs.


A good place to start is seeing who your competitors are using for their SEO activity. You should get recommendations from companies in your industry or one that is very close to it in terms of products and target audience. You can find such companies by searching for them on Google. You may even find information about the SEO company they use right on their website.

Successful Track Record

You should ask for references to see how they have performed in the past for other companies. Consider the fact that they will only provide you with the successful ones. However, you should get an indication of how well the SEO company performs.

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Similar Experience

You’ll want to see how successful has the SEO company been with businesses in your industry. You may find such companies as part of their referrals, but how they worked with them should indicate how successful they will be for your needs.

Outside Reviews

Look for reviews of the SEO company on independent sites. Keep in mind that the best SEO company for small business may have a few negative reviews, but you are looking for a pattern that indicates their overall behavior.

Check Their SEO Ranking

One of the best ways to view their success is by checking out the SEO ranking of their website. Ask for the keywords that they rank for and do a search on your own. You should be able to find them on the first page which is the top ten to fifteen in terms of rankings. If they are not there, then pass them by you will be wasting your money.

Long Term Clients

Along with the referrals, ask the company about the clients they have been serving since the start of their business. A top-flight SEO company will have clients that stretch back years thanks to their services. A good SEO company should have a considerable number of clients that still use their services.

Long Term Clients


When you have narrowed the list down to two or three, call them up and ask about what they can do for your company, their prices, and timeline for success. The best SEO companies will explain their services and a rough timeframe of when you should start seeing results. You can use their prices at the tie-breaker between otherwise equal companies.

Your search for the best SEO company for your small business will require research, but it will pay off in terms of increase in your company’s profile, web traffic, and sales.