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5 Ways to Sell Your Brand with Promotional Items

Brand Promotional ItemsWhen it comes to promoting your brand one of the most popular methods is to hand out free merchandise branded with your company logo. These promotional items range from simple items like bumper stickers, pens and key chains to larger items like water bottles, gym sacks and coffee mugs. No matter what type of promotional merchandise you settle on, there are some really creative ways to use them to sell your brand. Let’s take a look at 5 creative ways to use promotional items to raise awareness of your brand!

Offer Items as an Incentive

Branded promotional items can be great to use as an incentive to encourage a certain action. One example might be offering anyone who completes a survey for your market research a free item such as a travel mug. Not only will you encourage people to participate in your market research, but you will also be able to distribute some visual reminders of your company by offering branded items as rewards. This way you will stay in your respondents’ minds after the survey is complete.

Sponsor a Sporting Event

A great way to reach large numbers of people is to sponsor a local sporting event! This does not need to be a huge event with professional teams – even your local high school football game will work.  Why not order some branded water bottles from DB and hand them out to the athletes and spectators filled with a cool beverage? Everyone loves a free gift and you will have the benefit of large numbers of people learning your company name and hopefully reusing the bottle so that they become something of a walking advertisement for your business!

Promote Company Milestones

Never let an opportunity to gain some exposure for your company pass you by! Think of some upcoming milestones that you can celebrate by giving away free gifts. Some examples of milestones that you could celebrate include company anniversaries, shipping your 100,000th product or maybe opening your second store. Whatever the milestone is you can make a big deal out of it by issuing a press release, doing some advertising and giving away free branded coffee mugs or water bottles with every purchase!

Re-Activate Dormant Accounts

If you have some customers who have not ordered in a while then why not tempt them back by sending out some promotional items as a free gift along with a note detailing your latest products? It may be just enough to remind them of what great service you provided them in the past. Maybe they had lost your number or forgotten the name of your company. A branded gift can help with both of those problems!

Attend Expos & Conferences

Attending local trade shows and expos is a great way to drum up some new business. However, how are you planning on standing out from the crowd? Everyone hands out pens, memo pads, and key chains and so on. If you want to make an impact then you need to step it up a notch with some larger promotional gifts. Think mugs, bags, apparel and so on. It’s time to go big or go home baby!   These are only a few suggestions about how you could be using branded promotional merchandise to raise awareness of your brand. There are hundreds of other ways to do this you just need to be a little bit creative.   The end goal is to get your name and your number out there by whatever means necessary so always be on the lookout for opportunities to distribute your branded merchandise! Items such as coffee mugs and water bottles are great because they are used on a daily basis and that makes it more likely for your brand to be kept in mind! You will want your logo to be front and center at all times so splash out on larger items like drink ware instead of the usual pens and key chains that your competitors have chosen!