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4 Common Commercial HVAC System Issues Businesses Face

4 Common Commercial HVAC System Issues Businesses Face

Business owners do their best to ensure that their customers and employees are comfortable inside the business premises. This can be a problem when your commercial HVAC develops some unexpected issues, resulting in major inconveniences. Check out some of the common commercial HVAC system issues you might encounter as a business owner:

Airflow Issues

You may notice that your HVAC system is inconsistently heating and cooling different rooms. Maybe one room is freezing and another is extremely hot. This is a sign of an airflow issue and is usually caused by cracking or leaking in the ductwork. The best solution would be to get professionals to narrow down the source of the leak and have it fixed immediately. You may also experience airflow issues when the system isn’t receiving sufficient flow of air from the return ducts. Check if there’s anything such as a piece of furniture or some boxes blocking the air returns.

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Thermostat Issues

Your HVAC system may fail to work when there are issues with the thermostat. Luckily for you, the problem can be easily fixed if it is caused by a faulty thermostat. Make sure the thermostat is mounted in the right location to ensure that it gives accurate temperature readings. If you find that the thermostat screen is blank, it may be a good idea to replace the batteries with fresh ones and see if that helps. If this doesn’t solve the issue, the thermostat itself may need to be replaced.

Parts Issues

The problem with your commercial HVAC system may also be a result of an issue with one of the parts. You may encounter issues with HVAC parts such as the capacitors, the fuses, or the refrigerant. An HVAC system has two capacitors and if either of them burns out you will need to have it replaced because the unit will not run properly otherwise. The fuses, which protect sensitive electrical components in the unit from overheating, can get blown at times.

If your HVAC system shuts off unexpectedly, make sure you check to see if it’s caused by a blown fuse. If there’s a leak that’s draining all your refrigerant, you may find that the system isn’t cooling the rooms as effectively as before. In any of these cases, make sure you buy replacement HVAC parts through a reliable supplier such and then have the parts replaced by an expert.

Issues Due to Lack of Maintenance

You may also experience HVAC system issues due to lack of maintenance. If the air filters and drain lines aren’t cleaned out regularly, they may become dirty and clogged. This will then inhibit the quality of airflow and performance of the HVAC unit. Lack of maintenance can also result in strange smells coming from the HVAC ducts or odd noises due to loose parts. So, it’s crucial to have the unit checked regularly by a professional.

These are four common issues business owners face with their commercial HVAC systems. It’s important that you get any issues resolved quickly so that they don’t escalate to bigger problems, which may even render your unit unusable.