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3 Tips Every Exhibitor Needs to Know Before their First Convention


Conferences and trade shows are expensive, no doubt. Therefore, deciding to attend and take part in a convention is a tremendous decision to make. Think about it: the more exposure your business has, the higher the revenue it gets. Bottom line, more conventions equal more clients and customers.

However, in spite of its enormous potential, there are some companies and organizations that just can’t seem to make it work. This is why they often say it is a 50-50 gamble. It could work or not. In spite of that, there are organizations that have been able to make their exhibitions work at most conventions. The following tips should also help you replicate that same result.

Send Them Highly Creative Promo Products

Now, don’t do the same thing everyone does. No one remembers a cheap looking promotional pen unless it is a high end or expensive type. You need to get creative with your promotional product ideas. Think fun, witty and against the grain.

Most companies are often guilty of using an umbrella, coffee mug, low-quality t-shirts and pens as their promotional product. Don’t do this. Be different. Here’s what we recommend: spend time looking up unusual gift items, and once you find one that will resonate with your target audience, create it and have it sent out. Such promotional products can be found online at places such as DG Promotions.

The point is that unusual promotional products will have people looking for your booth particularly if you hand it to them at the entrance to the convention center. Alternatively, if you can get your hand on the list of individuals and organizations that will be sending representatives, send them your promotional products before the event. That way, they are more likely to seek you out at the conference grounds.

Optimize Your Booth

Here’s something you need to know about tradeshows: your booth is your selling point. Think of it as the unique edge you will have over every other exhibitor at the convention. Start by creating a very flashy, but stylish and sophisticated booth. Your booth should catch people’s attention immediately.

Since most people will be walking past and glancing at booths, all it takes to catch their attention is just 2-5 seconds. So, your booth had better do an excellent job of attracting people to it. FYI, conservative hues will not cut it. Once you get them to your booth, it’s time to engage them. First things first, make sure your booth is accessible.

Have your best services, products and proof right in front of them. Get rid of the table at the entrance and move it to the back of the booth. You do not want the table getting in their way. The same goes for the chairs. Oh and one more thing: don’t sit down. Be on your toes at all times. There’s something lackluster or unattractive about people sitting down in their booths at a trade show.

If you must sit, make sure someone else is standing up and attending to people. This is why you should have a team of people working together. That way, they can work in shifts.

Connect With Complementary Organizations in the Same Vertical

Here’s a quick, creative idea: find organizations or businesses in the same vertical, but selling complementary products or services and create something like a map. So, for every booth they visit, they’ll get a clue to where they should go next to get more. This is a particularly potent way to get targeted prospects and clients.

For example, if you are selling fashion accessories, you can collaborate with those selling perfumes, shoes, clothing and jewelry. As you can see, you are not in direct competition with each other. More importantly, you are likely to sell more. Try this and watch your tradeshow booth traffic explode.

The writer, Oscar King, owns a small business and has found trade shows to be a handy way to showcase his products and services. He has found these techniques to be extremely helpful in promoting his products and services. To learn more about Oscar, you can visit Google+.