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3 Reasons a Professional Website Design May Increase Sales

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If you are not seeing the potential of your website to generate sales, you are making a mistake. A properly designed website will not only attract new visitors; it will help convert leads to customers. Below are three reasons why you should use more of your resources to create a professional company website design.

It will increase the exposure of your brand.

You may have heard this question: “How exposed is your business?” What this question is really asking is: how many people know your business name and what you offer? Your business’ name, purpose, a listing of your products and-or service and a way to purchase those products/services should all be placed on your website. This will increase the exposure of your company in the online community.

“Our website used to simply feature a short description of our services,” said Mike Fette of Two Squares, a Minneapolis-based media conversion company. “Once we designed a visually appealing website and added content, our traffic went up. Not only are we able to better connect with our customers, but more people in the community know about the services we offer. Because we are a media conversion company, it is important that we have a website that stays up-to-date with current technological and visual online trends.”

You have a better opportunity to offer valuable Information.

Most brand websites contain useful information. This information can come from blogs, website owner information, product information, and comments and/or reviews from customers.

Let’s explain each of the above site elements:

  • Blog reporting/ blogging: This where you or another person creates a page on your website dedicated to information about all aspects of your company. Most people will use this page to answer questions posed in the comments section(s) or to provide additional information on the different products or services they offer. As long as you blog consistently, blogging on your company web page can be beneficial in terms of exposure. Your site’s visitors can learn a lot about your company this way. A blog can provide information to consumers or potential customers that is generally otherwise unavailable.
  • Website owner information: In your website, you will want to include company operation times, your contact information and a summary of your services. This information is also meant to inform customers about the general daily operations of your company.
  • Product information: This information is general on one page and is limited to the best-selling products or services of the company. The production information page should have a picture and a brief description about the product or service offered, general pricing and a listing of some sorts about it being a best-selling product or service.
  • Comments and/or reviews by users: Every website should have at least one place where customers can leave comments and/or reviews about the company, its products or services and the overall helpfulness of the staff onsite and through any customer service hotlines available. A best practice is to watch these reviews carefully so you can get a true sense of the customers’ satisfaction. You can make changes and/or adjustments based on the reviews.

Another benefit of comment sections is that the visitors create user-generated content for you. If you are getting a high amount of user-generated content, search engines might make your site more visible to the online community.

You can use your site to show that you are a mastery of current technology

A website’s home page is the online face of your company. A professionally designed website proves that the company has a grasp of current trends in technology. A great web designer will do everything within your budget to make sure your business appears updated and trendy. They will make sure that your site has all of the necessary information and that it draws in your visitors to interact with the site’s pages.

“This interaction can be the difference between repeat customers and non-repeat customers,” said Marc Holt of DigitalParc, a Minneapolis website design firm. “Consider what you look for in your favorite company’s website. Is the company always updating and changing it to keep up with the most current online trends? This is how a company website should be.”

Proper website design is a critical portion of business today. An increasing number of companies have a website and hope to increase their presence in the world market. Some of these sites have been professionally created. The websites with the best designs will gain more traffic and exposure for the company they represent.