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10 Tips on How to Spruce Up Your Caravan to Get the Best Valuation

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used for holidaying and as a vacation homes so you don’t have to rely on hotels they form the perfect home away from home, plus they can be moved. How cool is that!

A caravan is basically a pre-assembled frame built in a factory and has permanently connected chassis. They are towed from place to place. It can be used for camping as it contains beds and other facilities which aren’t found in regular tents. Caravans can be customized according to the individual’s needs.

Here are 10 tips on how to spruce up your caravan to get the best valuation –

1. Furniture

A good furniture set can really create a strong impression. New sofas and tables really add to the aesthetics of the static caravan. Choose lightweight and strong materials so that it won’t be too heavy on the chassis.

2. Clean it up!

Nobody likes to buy something that is dirty. Stains around the window/door seals, on the ceiling near the vent(s) or AC unit, all these can make the buyer grumble and ask you for a huge discount, which is not good.  Clean up your static caravan perfectly and make sure there is no popping out wood or metal parts.

3. Electricity check

Make sure all the wall sockets and lightings are working fine. Have the whole electrical system checked by a professional. You wouldn’t want the power to give up on you right when you are showing the static caravan to a prospective buyer.

4. Water tank

Most Static caravans are directly plumbed however some may have hot water tanks. Check to see what you have as being directly plumbed and having a water tank could add value to your overall sale price.

5. Kitchen

A static caravan is meant to be used as a home and a home is incomplete without a kitchen. And a well-planned kitchen is a blessing. Replace the kitchen tops with granite ones, add some overhead cabinets. Not only will it make your kitchen look spacious and tidy, it’ll make a lasting first impression.

6. Throw in a rug

A rug can make all the difference in a static caravan. Get a decent rug and place it in a high traffic area, like the living room. Since caravans are traditionally small inside, the rug gives a great color contrast to an otherwise blah and dull-looking living space.

7. Air conditioning and central heating

Adding an air conditioning/ central heating systems can actually boost the sales price when you are selling a static caravan. If you already have these, it would be best to have a maintenance done.

8. Entertainment unit

Having a well planned living room with a TV and home theatre system can actually get you more than what you paid for when you are selling it.

9. The toilet

Nobody likes a dirty toilet. Ensure that your toilet is well maintained, redo the floors, add in a medicine cabinet, a new glass to the shower cabinet, etc. all these minute details can help you get the best deal for your static caravan.

If you are wondering where I can sell my caravan, do not worry for selling a static caravan is no longer a bother. There are several dozen static caravan buyers who will give you a great deal for you used caravan. In fact if you find the right static caravan trader, you can also get another caravan and a throw away price. So what are you waiting for? Find the right caravan buyer for your prized caravan once you have had your heart’s fill of using it. Visit for more information