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10 Tips On How To Spruce Up Your Static Caravan To Get The Best Price

A static Caravan has always been and will always be a brilliant investment for your family’s vacations. With a static caravan, you will always look forward to wonderful times in your new vacation home. Many of us have had caravans since time in memorial and without a doubt caravanning is one of the most brilliant ways to enjoy a great holiday.

However, there are times that come and we feel the need to sell the static caravan. For whatever reason, if you wish to get the best price from the sale, below are a few tips, rather pointers if you may that will help you get the most out of your sale…

Gas and Electric Maintenance

Because it has served you well as a wonderful vacationing home, you bought it with an in built gas boiler which is connected to central heating in some instances, before sell your Caravan its important you have the boiler checked, repaired or replaced by a competent and registered engineer.

When you gas boiler is running smoothly, you have a chance of hiking up the price and the new owner will not make any complains about the boiler. If however your caravan is fitted with electrical systems, again call in an expert engineer to quantify that the fuses are setup correctly and all the connectors are working accordingly, this means that your Caravan’s gas and electrical systems can help you get a higher sale price.

Exterior Maintenance

Thanks to seasonal and daily weather changes, dirt will collect on your caravan and cleaning out your caravan’s exterior will make sure that your caravan remains in top shape and it remains water proof. Use the right washing soap or detergent to live the paint sparkling, a new looking static will fetch you more money when you sell your static caravan than an old and worn out one.