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10 Benefits Of Holidaying In A Static Caravan

When holiday season rolls around, there are plenty of options available to you, but perhaps none as fun as spending time in a static caravan. This was a holiday that was incredibly popular years ago and which is now making a big comeback. Here are just a few reasons why a static caravan holiday is a great idea:

  1. Price – The average hotel at a popular holiday spot is incredibly expensive, especially if you book in-season. A static caravan is a much more affordable option that can be booked for a fraction of the cost of a hotel.
  2. Eating – Most static caravans come with a kitchen of their own, which means you can save a small fortune cooking for the family as opposed to having to eat out for every meal.
  3. Space – Many people think of caravans as being cramped spots, but the modern units are not like that at all. There is plenty of space for everyone, which is not something that can be said for a hotel room.
  4. Location – If you want a hotel on or near the beach, be prepared to shell out a fortune. That’s not the case with static caravan parks, the majority of which are located close to the beach, lake, or other hot spots, and are in fact often within walking distance.
  5. Entertainment – The holiday parks that house caravans usually have a pretty great schedule of entertainment on tap during the summer months. There are also recreation areas and spots for kids to go and play.
  6. Safety – Allowing the kids to go play in the holiday park is something that you can do with complete peace of mind. The parks are closed off to all but the residents, which mean there is very little chance that random strangers will be hanging around.
  7. Community – When you spend time in the park, you will soon get to know the people living and holidaying on the caravans around you. It’s a great way to build friendships, with many people returning year after years to meet up with their new pals.
  8. Peace and quiet – When you stay in a hotel, you have to share your walls with people on either side. Is there anything worse than paying a small fortune to vacation in a hotel, only to be surrounded by people that are loud and disruptive?
  9. Just like home – Yes, we know that going on vacation is an excuse for a change of scenery and a getaway from the normal, but it’s still nice to have the creature comforts you would expect at home. That is exactly what you get with a static caravan holiday.
  10. Getting back to nature – Staying in a caravan can feel just like camping, albeit in a more sophisticated fashion. You can feel as though you are away from it all while staying in a holiday park, even though everything you need is very much close at hand.

So if you have a static caravan then we’ve just given you 10 reasons on why holidaying in it can be an awesome experience; and remember If you looking to sell your static caravan then get in touch with where buying and selling your static caravan is made simple with our award winning service.